Thursday, August 19, 2010

Buddha Got a Birthday

I realize that I'm totally slacking, and this 2 1/2 month belated post is my timid amends. If you're reading, for god's sake, leave a comment! :)

Alright, despite just returning from two trips, I feel like I should document my little Busan adventure this past May, with Wujin, Carolina, Chad, and Evan. P/Busan is on the south coast and glamorously referred to on Wikipedia as the "San Francisco of Korea". I totally bought into it and almost took a job there, so I've been curious to refute/affirm the internet claims. Verdict: I can't even take my own question seriously. It's a nice change of pace from the bustle of Seoul, but I think I'm happy where the action is. We visited some shrines, took a boat ride in a rainstorm (actually, did a lot of things in rainstorms), and ate some tasty food. Our first meal was handpicked by some bedazzled lady fishmongers who sent it up the elevator to be prepared. Gargoyle-snake creatures and fish that will haunt my dreams flapped around in buckets just beggin' to be dinner. This last picture is from the boat's Evan, no stranger to the double dog dare: