Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just a Moment, I Show You a Magic!

As you might imagine, Halloween in Korea is still catching on. My school put on a bangin' party, surprisingly. We combined it with our "World" class, so in addition to pumpkin bowling and face painting, we had two rooms with country-specific games. The kids have pretend passports that they present to "Immigration" when we feature a particular country. For the India room, I brought saffron and clothing from my trip this past June. We had curry and naan, wore headscarves and bindis, and danced to a Bollywood music video. I offered to print off one of my pictures from India, but my boss said the child in the photo looked sad. Editing reality. For the China room, we made shadow puppets for a theater and played with bamboo and string toys.

The trick-or-treat business was a little strange. We took them out to a nearby park and they said the magic words to teachers and parents who were holding baskets of treats. I'm curious to see if the holiday takes off and maybe in a few years they can go to actual apartments/businesses for candy.


  1. Curry + naan + Bollywood = How could you go wrong? Sounds like fun!

    That little Harry Potter is my favorite. So cute.

  2. I loved your picture with the child face painting, I printed it off for Mama Lee, great Blog. we're all sending Christmas $$$ soon. Merry Christmas. Aunt Pam