Monday, January 25, 2010

Tokyo, take me away...

January is Korea’s coldest month and my lack of blogging is a testament to brutal winds and mental exhaustion. They say the 4th month abroad is the hardest and despite my best efforts, I’d have to agree. To top it off, a huge percentage of my friends have a long vacation at this time, so my facebook has been a continual stream of bragging from exotic, balmy beaches. Meanwhile, my workload has gotten heavier and my shoebox officetel is hardly a place I can unwind from manic managers and unruly toddlers. I’ve picked up a conversation partner, so my Korean is steadily improving and I’ve begun the profitable side business of private lessons. Good things, both, but weekends are feeling more and more insufficient…especially considering I work the next 3 Saturdays. In order to save my sanity, I’ve booked a brief trip to Japan around my birthday next month and I’m staring at this picture from now until then.

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