Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TED Talks, I Listen

Not long ago, I took my weekly pilgrimage to Seoul for an independently-organized TED www.tedxseoul.com event. 40 spots had been reserved for foreigners and well over 100 Koreans (with close to 150 on the waiting list). Earpieces were provided for simultaneous English translation, which became a little tedious after the 5th lecture, but we enjoyed it...and they even put bon bons in our seat to keep us from fleeing the stuffy theater.

A magician choreographed an entire shadow puppet show to the song “The Circle of Life” which was way more badass than it sounds.

My other favorite was a doctor couple who showed their medical design successes, including stethoscopes hidden inside teddybears and candy tongue depressors.


  1. I want a candy tounge dispenser! It looks like you are having a blast.

  2. That couple was darling...they owned a medical clinic/cafe! Their waiting room looked like a room in someone's house with a roaming cat. Every aspect of their clinic was designed to make the patient feel more at ease...redefining a visit to the doctor's office.